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Chrissie meets "Tim" in a posh restaurant, blissfully unaware of who he is.
lt;The cat plunged its head blissfully into the bowl.
When researchers at the University of Virginia, the University of Illinois, and Michigan State University compared blissfully happy people (10 on the 10-point life satisfaction scale) to mostly happy people (8 or 9 on the 10-point scale), they found something interesting: a significant downside to happiness.
POLITICIANS bemoan the cost of petrol reaching pounds 1 a litre at the pumps, blissfully disregarding the fact that they are the prime reasons for it.
Reuters reported that a German patient who entered the OR for brain surgery with a blissfully intact skull emerged to discover that the top half had been stored in a "defective" refrigerator during the procedure, rendering it unsuitable for reattachment.
However the daughter of Droopys Woods and Silent Sally was blissfully unaware of these facts as she broke fast, denied joint favourite Shawanda the early lead.
Meanwhile, the police are blissfully unaware that one of Costello's underlings, Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon), has successfully wormed his way into the upper echelons of the force.
The film moves back and forth between Balmoral, Scotland, where the royals are blissfully cocooned for the summer, and 10 Downing St.
It's a road movie blissfully free of larcenous hitchhikers or other cliches that nevertheless keeps piling on the absurdities--each emerging organically from its cast of characters.
Sherry then raced back to the kitchen, and when I got there, my sandwich was gone and she was blissfully chewing it under the table.
There, perhaps, is the goal: to remove the clown boots, find gravity, blissfully slide down the wall, never pratfall again.
One caveat to all this beckoning of wildlife to your garden: one year I broadcasted sunflower seeds throughout the winter onto the ground below a dogwood tree, where my extensive bulb garden lay blissfully sleeping.