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Obviously, the blissfully unaware belong to the silent majority.
Chrissie meets "Tim" in a posh restaurant, blissfully unaware of who he is.
Heather Nicholson, serving 11 years at HMP Foston Hall in Derby, wrote: "I'm blissfully happy working in the gardens here.
I am reminded of the 18thcentury French cartoon "the swing", which depicts a wealthy female aristocrat swinging to and fro, blissfully unaware that, just over the garden wall, the downtrodden masses are about to start the revolution that would claim her head.
<The cat plunged its head blissfully into the bowl.
When researchers at the University of Virginia, the University of Illinois, and Michigan State University compared blissfully happy people (10 on the 10-point life satisfaction scale) to mostly happy people (8 or 9 on the 10-point scale), they found something interesting: a significant downside to happiness.
Parviz Khan was "blissfully unaware" that the security services had placed a bug in his home, prosecutor Nigel Rumfitt QC told the trial.
POLITICIANS bemoan the cost of petrol reaching pounds 1 a litre at the pumps, blissfully disregarding the fact that they are the prime reasons for it.
However the daughter of Droopys Woods and Silent Sally was blissfully unaware of these facts as she broke fast, denied joint favourite Shawanda the early lead.
Meanwhile, the police are blissfully unaware that one of Costello's underlings, Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon), has successfully wormed his way into the upper echelons of the force.
The dancer tells of a first marriage with a domineering mate, a turbulent affair with the young and hirsute Yul Brynner, and a blissfully happy second marriage to theatrical agent Cecil Tennent (actress Victoria Tennent is their oldest child), which ends in tragedy.
Evil Charlie (Bill Ward, 39) snares unlucky-in-love Maria while his lover Tracy Barlow remains blissfully unaware.