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Watch this film to lose yourself in an engaging and demanding story, to revisit the wisdom and blissfulness of innocence, and to mourn the pace of our moral progress into the twenty-first century.
Maha-Vishnu, the mother of all existence--and therefore the mother of the God of all Gods, Vishnu--is described as timeless blissfulness, as nonbeing.
An hour or so of stress is required for a day of peace and tranquillity to transcend mere satisfaction and enter the realms of blissfulness. But at what cost?
That teachers' own angelic-like siblings get absolutely awe-inspiring exam results and their family cohesiveness is one of pure blissfulness, must be truly phenomenal!
In Lisa's conversations with David, meanwhile, she keeps countering her son's blissfulness with her concerns about the couple's religious incompatibility (The Metzger-Bloombergs are observant Jews, while Rafi is not Jewish.)