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Large populations of grasshoppers may lead to a corresponding increase in medically important blister beetle (Meloidae) populations since the larvae of blister beetles prey on the eggs of grasshoppers.
As a result, the blister beetle larva has worked out a sneaky way to get a ride to the meals it needs: Upon hatching, as many as 1,500 beetle larvae gather into a small ball.
However, male bees paid visits to models scented with extracts from blister beetle larvae as often as they did to real beetle clumps.
The name blister beetle comes from the fact that they do cause blisters on humans.
Here are a few other ideas: Strong coffee deters red spider mites; set boric acid near blister beetle hiding spots; a sprinkling of salt will transform slugs to slime; powdered sugar or flour sprinkled on cabbage plants when the dew is heavy will goo up and bake the cabbage worms and moths nicely (bet the chickens would love this