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Blistering distal dactylitis: a clinically recognizable streptococcal infection.
As the severe blistering develops, it can be prone to becoming infected so vets will often use antibiotics to deal with the risk of secondary infection.
The beetles neither sting nor bite, but their haemolymph contains pederin, a potent toxin that causes blistering and Paederus dermatitis.
The following analysis questions this 1:1 combination and examines a variant involving partially decoupled processes, in which the blistering, cartoning and printing stages can be carried out independently of each other--possibly only on a temporary basis.
The main chemicals found were mustard gas and an arsenic-based blistering agent called lewisite.
Under severe laboratory testing, constructed to represent actual tank conditions, the coating did not blister even after 2000 hours, while other coatings exhibited widespread blistering after just 240 hours.