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I remember one fellow who prided himself hugely upon a great oblong patch, placed high upon his back, and who always reminded me of a man with a blister of Spanish flies, stuck between his shoulders.
I thought with, may God forgive me, a most malicious smile, "every ten-gulden piece which the Grandmother staked must have raised a blister on the General's heart, and maddened De Griers, and driven Mlle.
Some men are praised maliciously, to their hurt, thereby to stir envy and jealousy towards them: pessimum genus inimicorum laudantium; insomuch as it was a proverb, amongst the Grecians, that he that was praised to his hurt, should have a push rise upon his nose; as we say, that a blister will rise upon one's tongue, that tells a lie.
He spoke in the tone of entreaty and reproach that a carpenter uses to a gentleman who has picked up an ax: "We are used to it, but you, sir, will blister your hands.
He ordered her a blister and some steel mixture, and told her to go home and rest, giving her at the same time a note to Mrs.
But by-and-by Nancy, in her attic, became portentously worse, the supposed tumor having indeed given way to the blister, but only wandered to another region with angrier pain.
Without exhibiting the smallest irritation, Sir Patrick dextrously applied his sister-in-law's blister to his sister-in-law herself.
Sir Patrick pressed the blister a little closer to the skin.
Add," said Sir Patrick, with another pressure on the blister, "that The Person had an interview with Blanche in the library.
But the first thing he did as soon as he got home, was to have a large blister put on his chest and back to draw out his madness.
Would you think it, the fellow ordered me a blister around my mouth, because I complained of a pain in the foot?
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