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The rash soon turns into groups of blisters that look a lot like chicken pox.
For now, treatment is limited mainly to bandages and antibiotic ointments, which help shield the delicate skin and protect the blisters from infection (SN: 1/26/85, p.
We had all heard (twice) how we acquire blisters, burns, and insect bites; how to prevent blisters, burns, and insect bites; and how we should treat blisters, burns, and insect bites.
But recent burn-treatment technology has produced new materials to help prevent and treat blisters.
Blisters are a reality of dance life, but sometimes with early care they can be avoided.
A SINGLE blisters are usually caused by something rubbing against the skin.
Blisters are common and can be caused by: Friction to the skin from shoes that rub.
The blister packing on the Uhlmann B1240 machine is synchronized so that a set up with as many as five lanes can produce 350 blisters a minute.
The blisters are manually presented to the printing machine in transport cartridges--dedicated rectangular cardboard tubes.
Blisters which 'pass' the test can be re-introduced to the blister packing line, saving product and reducing unnecessary waste costs.
The name blister beetle comes from the fact that they do cause blisters on humans.