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The men who would have leveled America's tallest skyscraper were, in fact, blithering idiots.
The most important act is to demolish the ideological cement of hatred, and permanently sideline the contemptible paralytic blithering that got us into this long-term calamity.
If the cornerstone of evolutionary studies, natural selection, could be demolished in four paragraphs by a religion teacher, then a half-dozen generations of the world's greatest scholars in all fields of biology would indeed be a bunch of blithering idiots.
I'm transgendered, I'm out, I have AIDS, and I married a woman--it's a blithering miracle that I'm even working," Billings observes.
his listeners preferring the endless parade of blithering idiots in a
I'm absolutely devastated, wouldn't you be, you blithering idiot?
The national charge noted that whether it is on the loading docks and break rooms of terminals across the country where threats and promises are delivered, or whether the source of the conduct is the overblown rhetoric and smarmy blithering of John Raudabaugh, Overnite's chief contract negotiator, delivered in now countless and always meaningless bargaining sessions, Overnite's violations continue.
In the first it's in her apartment, out of frustration at Manni's helpless blithering.
He's just a blithering idiot and the day he left made many people in here very happy.
Beavis and Butthead are national pop heroes, while blithering radio and television talk show hosts have made them selves wealthy promoting a pernicious kind of pseudopopulist stupidity.
We may add shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt, blithering Harriet Harman, and.
Some impatient and hurried souls overtook this blithering idiot when there was opportunity to slip into the outside lane.