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Running alongside the made-up words were definitions of basic words but also older or more unusual language like blithering or balmy, nettled or nincompoop, tail coat or teeter.
He's inviting audiences to "come and see what he's blithering on about this time".
Without the blithering and bungle we have all endured, PriceWaterhouseCooper acted quickly.
Wearing the perpetual bemused look of someone who'd just quietly broken wind and was just waiting for those around him to catch on, he starred as the uptight Tommy Beresford, a blithering idiot who'd been saved a stint of National Service in WWII after being run down by a catering lorry.
It's a relief the teens aren't blithering idiots; their ultra-tech-savviness is taken as given.
A bit uncomfortable, Ollie read aloud his essay on the causes of war, at one point saying emphatically, "And the President was a blithering idiot.
She came inside and I was a blithering idiot to be honest.
The short answer is 'yes, you blithering idiot, of course it's too late
joymongers These blithering idiots want everybody to be happy
The worst thing about sports is it turns normal everyday people into idiots, and I mean that in the worst-possible, blithering way," Schultz writes.
Meeting someone I really liked always turned me into a blithering fool or paralysed me with paranoia.
How people react to stress and how they use stress can be the difference between a blithering, up-tight mess who eats into your profits, as opposed to a happy, motivated and productive employee.