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"I don't go anywhere online other than this page, Twitter, and Compuserve-this is how I survive social media-but my assistant just showed me an absolutely blithering post on some other page by someone asserting with great confidence that I'm going to kill off Jamie and Claire in Book Ten, because now that I'm a grandmother I don't want to write or do book tours anymore."
If he's seen the acres of newspaper tributes this week he'll have shrugged them off, laughing that we "blithering idiot" journalists will now have to rewrite his obituaries because he has not popped his clogs on the job.
Come and see what he's blithering on about this time in his latest show, Keep It Light.
Were it not for Brexit giving financial markets the heebie-jeebies, this would have to have been one of the shortest bear markets in living memory -- unless, of course, you take note of doomsters like that blithering idiot of a so-called financial expert who writes, inter-alia no doubt, for the Motley Fool .
The God of Blithering Idiots was looking down upon me, so the fire alarm did not go off.
"I was a blithering mess!" declared Gloria Estefan of her emotions at the curtain call after watching her life play out onstage.
Without the blithering and bungle we have all endured, PriceWaterhouseCooper acted quickly.
Wearing the perpetual bemused look of someone who'd just quietly broken wind and was just waiting for those around him to catch on, he starred as the uptight Tommy Beresford, a blithering idiot who'd been saved a stint of National Service in WWII after being run down by a catering lorry.
* He dismissed his opponent's arguments as the ramblings of a blithering (or blathering or babbling) fool.
It's a relief the teens aren't blithering idiots; their ultra-tech-savviness is taken as given.
A bit uncomfortable, Ollie read aloud his essay on the causes of war, at one point saying emphatically, "And the President was a blithering idiot." Pam stopped him and said, "Is this an objective statement that you support with details?" "No," Ollie said, "but we all know he was a blithering idiot." Pam started laughing.
She came inside and I was a blithering idiot to be honest.