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If your defense is blessed with good athletes, you can run these blitzes with man coverage.
These rules can be applied to any of the above-mentioned blitzes.
We misfired on a couple of blitzes in terms of how we fitted.
He uses the same blocking rules as the other playside blockers with one exception: He will never block a LB unless he blitzes the backside A gap.
Examples of the blocking of different fronts, line stunts, and linebacker blitzes are shown in the diagrams.
Inside blitzes will seldom work because the ball will be gone before the blitzer can get there, and the blitzer will be unable to flow toward the QB and pitchman.
And the QB will be expected to learn the blitzes so that he will be able to change the play, the pass routes, or the protection prior to the snap.
These two misdirection blitzes will almost guarantee that one of the two inside LBs will have an unobstructed path to the ball.