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Tourism Ireland has an extensive programme of promotional activity in place to target the travel trade in the United States and Canada right throughout 2013 including familiarisation visits to Ireland, workshops, travel agent training and webinars, as well as a series of sales blitzes.
The Blitzes will take place in over 530 centres across the 32 counties during the months of May and June.
The following compendium of zone blitzes allows the defense to bring pressure from the strong side, weak side, right or left.
Blitzes can be brought from the weak side, short side, right, left, etc.
4, the aceback is blocking weak, which means that the Weak Tandem must cover him while the Strong Tandem blitzes through the weak-side A gap (behind the Nose).
Never block a head-up defender unless he slants, pinches, or blitzes across your face as he tries to release inside.
The Bears had a more aggressive mind-set with more blitzes and man coverage.