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Intake of large volumes of water after exercise must also be avoided as this leads to distension of the stomach, thereby increasing the likelihood of bloat.
You've had a busy day at work, you rush home to eat and your stomach bloats out uncomfortably.
But I would further submit that much of the bloat is at the top, sitting on cushy furniture.
That way, Word automatically converts any graphic to the JPEG format, which provides good resolution without bloat.
Collectively titled Houses a/Digital--House of Bloat, House of Pinch, House of Blinch, 1997-99, each domicile is a three-dimensional molded-wood model whose design incorporates a generic layout manipulated by Photo-shop, with "Blinch" being the result of combining two such layouts.
Avoid too much bread and pasta Starchy carbs are well known for causing us to bloat and susceptible people can feel their trousers getting tighter after a lunchtime sandwich.
We planted some alfalfa last fall and we want to know: can goats eat it fresh or will they bloat like cows?
It's normal to bloat after coming off a starvation diet.