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This was precisely the scenario that the quick-thinking Greyhound handler had sought to avoid: By inserting the bloat tube down the esophagus and into the stomach, she not only created an avenue of escape for the trapped stomach gases, but also ensured that the stomach could not twist while the tube was inserted.
If your dog has a tendency to bloat, then I would recommend smaller meals be fed more frequently over the course of the day rather than a single large meal.
Untreated, file bloat can cause a series of serious cascading consequences," said Mike Power, CEO, Neuxpower.
National Animal Disease Information Service vet Mike Howe says bloat is one of the most common causes of death in adult cattle at grass.
SALT dehydrates your body and makes you retain fluids and the first place to bloat out is always the tummy.
It's easier to beat the bloat if you choose foods that encourage you to pass water.
WHEN THE BLOAT COMES IN J Cowell and US X Factor judge Spears chat to Leno on his American show
Trimming the bloat could help to make individual administrators more accountable and make the bureaucracy more approachable and less impenetrable to parents and teachers.
We suggest they start trimming their own bloated paychecks, their own bloated perks and staffs and the bloat throughout state government.