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It means that the handset won't include any bloatware that are usually present on the handset when purchased through a carrier.
Sony's TimeScape UI is stable but there's bloatware that takes away from the experience.
Microsoft has had the bloatware accusation thrown at it countless times but now the company reportedly wants to make money turning back the tide of PC-slowing software with a little-known service called 'Signature'.
Remove bloatware, junk files, temp files, cookies, broken code and other items that can hamper a PC's performance
But Acer has added a slew of bloatware apps (free promotional software) which might not be useful to some like file management, cloud storage, camera, messaging and photos, etc.
Based in New York, Reason Software Company offers comprehensive tools and protection against malware, adware, bloatware and crapware.
Huawei had added some intuitive apps, apart from the bloatware, such as performance manager app that lets users optimise performance manually or automatically, which I found to be very useful.
According to Android Geeks, the update promises an enhanced KitKat experience eliminating the bloatware from the TouchWiz interface.
We have achieved this growth through a combination of an expanded product portfolio, an open approach to building software that stands in sharp contrast to traditional management bloatware, and an unwavering commitment to customer support and retention," said Scott Harmon, CEO of AlterPoint.
This means that users of these devices can easily discover and download the Beep'nGo app to get savings & discounts, as if it was pre-installed on the devices themselves, without adding to users' concerns related to bloatware.
The TouchWiz user interface is more refined and simple with fewer bloatware.
Unlike Motorola or Nexus devices, these UI can affect performance and consumes some memory due to bloatware services.