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While the iOS UI is neat, minus much bloatware, there are several default apps that remain unused.
The phone's one weakness is the sheer amount of bloatware installed on certain devices - there are 13 Verizon applications on the phone by default, along with multiple email, photo, and media playback applications, two different app stores, and two voice control systems.
By reducing the number of duplicative and pre-loaded apps and bloatware, and integrating the best of both HTC and Google, the company has created a more streamlined phone that enables customers to decide what they want on their handset.
PC giant Dell has received flak this week over a piece of bloatware that contains a vulnerability which could leave users open to being spied on when shopping or banking online.
Regarding software, the bloatware device has one-year Microsoft Office 365 subscription apart from third-party apps like Spotify, Flipboard and Evernote.
There is no bloatware and no fancy UI customizations.
But, there's bloatware from Micromax that might not be to your liking.
The MAINGEAR Solo 21 All-in-one builds upon MAINGEAR's pedigree of performance, upgradeability, no bloatware, and excellent service and support that they are known for.
It's also unnecessarily pre-loaded with plenty of Orange bloatware, but that shouldn't put off anyone looking to get on the Android bandwagon for peanuts.
MightyFAX is an interesting shareware package that may be the answer to a number of readers, who consider WinFax as bloatware and prefer to run those freebie packages that come with their modems.
6-inch Laptop With i5 CPU, 2TB HDD, 8GB RAM $359 : This computer does have some issues with bloatware that you'll need to uninstall before it runs fast, but, once it's cleaned out, the 2TB of storage is great [(https://www.
Asus is the latest Android OEM to cut bloatware and streamline its own software.