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Higher peak sensory block levels (T6) were achieved in group TB as compared to group SB.
Initially such sports and cultural events for specially abled children were only organized at a block level but recently the organizers hosted the event at the district level as well.
The drivers are installed to intercept and capture disk block level writes.
The new version features block level mirroring technology to allow data to be written to two servers simultaneously - without adding additional traffic to the user's production network.
Rahul Gandhi is scheduled to visit Cuttack tomorrow, where he will hold a meeting with district and block level office-bearers of the party and its women, youth and student wings from western and southern regions of Odisha in different batches.
Applications like databases and Microsoft Exchange require block level access to storage resources.
New Delhi, Oct.22 ( ANI ): The Congress Party on Monday taunted anti-graft crusader Arvind Kejriwal by saying that their block level spokesperson would be 'too much to handle' if both squared off in a debate.
iSCSI solutions require little more than the use of the Microsoft iSCSI initiator on a host server, a target iSCSI storage device and a Gigabit Ethernet switch to deliver block level storage over IP.
Without a transaction based MIS at the block level and upward we are not going to be able to track the flow of public expenditure.