block off

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It was in July 2011 that LUKoil acquired a 49% stake in the SL-5-11 block off the coast of Sierra Leone from Nigerian independent Oranto Petroleum.
The reasons to block off the street are to make it more direct to the Mackintosh Institute & Gate (saving 10 yards walking if you are coming from Donald or Albany west), moving the crossing (after 30 years of safe policing now) and making it more cyclefriendly.
One Block Off the Grid, on the other hand, offers free solar system estimates and designs by email or phone.
Summary: Morocco announced on Monday the discovery of two natural gas reserves in the Tangiers-Larache block off the Atlantic coast.
2 : to block off <Our path was barred by a chain.
Coun Lambert said the city council has now agreed to block off sections of footpaths between Aysgarth Green and Coniscliffe Avenue and Mansell Place and Burnfoot Way.
35 Ruta Court is across the street from Teterboro Airport and one block off Route 46, with easy access to Route 17, I-80, New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway.
It was thought to have been used by a farmer to attach white tape to a tree in order to block off a road while he herded cattle into a field.
The company admitted putting up unauthorised temporary traffic signals, closing a footpath to block off pedestrians, as well as failing to provide ramps, at Pelton Fell Road, Chester-le-Street.
Your thumb will be used to block off or close the right nostril and your ring and pinky finger together to close off the left nostril.
The Australian company in 2004 brought on stream the Oyong oil and gas field on the Sampang PSC block off East Java, whose proven reserves exceed 90 BCF of gas and 5m barrels of oil - oil in place estimated at about 80m barrels.