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A blockade always have adverse effects on the supply to the civilian populace like food items, medicines, drinking water, fuel and other basic needs vital for its survival."The practice of the two World Wars gives evidence that the blockading powers did not consider themselves to be obliged to provide for the free passage of relief consignments to the blockaded area, even if the civilian population was threatened by starvation" (Oxford Public International Law, 2015, "Blockade").Inevitably, blockades inflict harm on blameless civilians, and in extreme cases they may violate International Humanitarian Law (IHL) which generally means deaths of innocent people, severe affliction and senseless devastation.
The requirement does not necessitate interception of every blockade-runner, but sufficient military resources must be committed to render ingress or egress of the blockaded area "dangerous" to vessels attempting breach.
Israel has the right to intercept hostile ships in international waters approaching the blockaded area.
access to the blockaded coastline, (36) and (e) be enforced by
"Furthermore, the blockade failed to meet the technical requirements of notice specifying the commencement, duration, location and extent of the blockade and periods within which neutral State vessels may leave the blockaded coastline.
UNITED NATIONS: Israel warned the United Nations on Thursday that two ships preparing to sail from Lebanon to the Gaza Strip to bring aid to the blockaded territory would not be allowed to reach their destination.