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(71) Therefore the People's Liberation Army Air Force and Navy would not be constrained by fuel shortages, enabling them to project power against a blockader and to maintain territorial gains and presence within the first island chain in a manner that likely would force the United States ultimately either to escalate by engaging in direct military conflict closer to China or to forgo military action in Chinas near neighborhood, effectively making China the new military hegemon in much of East and Southeast Asia.
Although the blockaders were violating Canadian law by their actions, had they not taken the actions they did they would have been in violation of Haida law.
I hoped I could find a way to explain the Grassy Narrows blockaders' reasons for taking direct action in a way that non-Natives--academics and nonacademics alike--would find moving enough that they might be inclined, first of all, to find out what they could do to support Grassy Narrows and other Native communities facing similar challenges and, second, to examine their own role in perpetuating what many Anishinaabe people see as a colonial system that condones environmental racism.
THE OIL COMPANIES have yet to give a convincing explanation of their role which led to charges of collusion with the blockaders.
As onlookers and looters entered the city from one end, and as blockaders continued to release each other's arms and move to shelter and food, exhausted Seattle police, as well as a significant number of Sheriff and State Patrol officers who had joined in policing earlier that day under a mutual aid pact, pushed demonstrators east and north away from the center city.
In 1993, however, the Supreme Court held that the law could not provide a federal cause of action against clinic blockaders. See id.
Specializing in high-profile, precedent-setting cases, the ACLJ has already scored several major victories: a Supreme Court ruling that an anti-discrimination law may not be used to sue abortion-clinic blockaders in federal court; another Supreme Court ruling that public schools must provide church groups with "equal access" to after-school campus facilities; and a Fifth U.S.
The Court will again deal with Operation Rescue's blockades this coming year, when it will decide whether to allow the RICO law, which enhances the penalty for a pattern of "racketeering activity" and has been interpreted by the Court to apply to almost every crime in the penal code, to be used against the abortion clinic blockaders.
I wish one of those clinic blockaders would help me face one day of this pregnancy."
In treating the opposing sides of the revenue tussle, the author supplies abbreviated but revealing profiles of the social and economic influences on moonshiners (blockaders), utilizing census reports and statistical compilations to show kinship, race, and gender ingredients in the violent southern mix.
Navy blockaders had halted their first Soviet ship.
Fifteen months later, the blockaders show no signs of relenting.