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When a blockage is hard and calcified, the plaque may need to be chipped away or softened first, so a balloon can stretch the blockage open.
Now Yorkshire Water has launched its new campaign to discourage people from flushing wipes down the toilet - blockages caused by wipes are by far the biggest proportion of sewer blockages across the county, accounting for 40% of the total each year.
Organization or guidance of road blockage will be punished with the fine of 10,000 som for individuals and 100,000 som for legal entities, as well as confiscation of objects used for road blockage or administrative arrest up to 5 days.
If there was a blockage in the pipes or sewer system, then the pipes leading to the drain would be filled and any additional water would overflow into, and eventually out of, the toilet--which is exactly what happened.
Due to the blockage, trucks of FPG are unable to transport petrochemical materials to FPG's some 10,000 downstream clients, which could lead to grave consequence.
They will provide the thrust required to break through and break up the blockage.
London, May 27 (ANI): A previously unknown protective mechanism by which the smallest blood vessels remove blood clots and other blockages from the brain has been discovered in mice by researchers at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.
Works Ministry network chief Abdul Nabi Al Koofi said the problem was reported on March 17 and the blockage had been cleared within 20 minutes of the complaint.
It is just a matter of elimination to locate the blockage, starting To clear a blockage, there is a variety of tools which can be used without getting in the experts.
Any blockage in this area should then be clearly visible.
The blockage in your carotid arteries doesn't seem that severe, I agree, and a re-evaluation in the future would be appropriate.
All patients had at least an 80 percent blockage in one of the branches of this artery, which carries freshly oxygenated blood from the heart.