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At least eight years of studies and clinical trials have provided mounting evidence that reopening all of the blockages should improve a person's outcome, said Dr.
Welsh Water's Peter Evans at work in Porthcawl and, below, the blockage of wet wipes PICTURES: ADRIAN WHITE
Within its 11.7 billion business plan for 2020-25, Thames Water has committed to reducing the number of blockages every year to 65,000, down from 75,000 across its region, and is working with customers to help drive awareness about the causes.
(c) recognising that debris obstruction is a quite separate phenomenon from hydraulic blockage;
PULMONARY EMBOLISM A blockage of one of the arteries that supply blood to the lungs.
The acquisition of this tool supports the Gate Energy portfolio of turnkey blockage remediation and pipeline/flowline maintenance services to the energy industry.
Experienced from the unfavorable situation in the region, given the blockages of Macedonian railways and of cross border Evzoni, Macedonian businessmen consider that these proposals will make sure they don't face work stoppage in the future.
Once production stops to clear the blockage, downtime can stretch from a few minutes to a few hours depending on the severity of the blockage and the required cleanup.
The study found that the average percentage of front-window UVA blockage was 96 percent, while the average percentage of side-window blockage was 71 percent.
HOW-TO TIP TO CLEAR a blocked downpipe, make a hole in the blockage with a wire coat hanger, and wiggle the coat hanger to loosen the blockage.
Keeping in view the orientation and type of the downstream wind blockage such as flat wall, semi circular vertical wall and cylindrical wall were used as flow diverters as shown in Fig.