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5% blockages by "But as wipes don't break down in the sewers they can quickly build up and cause a major blockage.
Put a hosepipe in the top of the downpipe and turn it on fully - the flow of water through the hole should dislodge the blockage.
A BYPASS is used to divert blood around a blockage in an artery that supplies oxygen to the heart.
Relieving blockages can be quick and easy, or difficult and slow depending on circumstances.
They found that two to seven days after a blockage in brain microvessels, the cells lining the blood vessel wall engulf the remaining portion of the blockage, encapsulate it, seal it off from the interior of the blood vessel and finally expel the blocking material outside of the vessel.
These blockages become locked in the auric field and obstruct the healing flow of energy.
After mulling over these communication problems, and a few similar ones, we came to realize that the conventional approaches to organizational communication were causing a network of gaps and blockages throughout our organization.
Look for blockages in the breather hose and hydraulic cylinder supply.
The blockages are made up of cells and proteins similar to those that form a scab, says cardiologist Gregg W.
Blockages can be caused by layers of cholesterol building up inside the artery.
Sugar maple produced a higher pulp yield at a given kappa number by approximately 1%, although blockages affected juvenile sugar maple pulp yield as a result of the harsh cooking required to achieve delignification.