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Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of the blockbuster strategies used so successfully by entertainment companies.
Though the chain of rental stores will close down, Dish will keep the licensing rights and use the Blockbuster brand name to sell other services.
He said: "This provides Blockbuster with a future in the UK.
This transaction provides Blockbuster a future in the UK and we owe a special vote of thanks to all the company's employees, suppliers and customers for helping us rescue the business.
The company said that future editions of the software will allow customers to access the catalogue at their local BlockBuster store or update their e-mail queues.
TO claim your free movie rental, take the voucher below to your nearest Blockbuster store by Saturday, December 19.
Offer available to new and existing Blockbuster members, membership is free.
Just take the coupon here to your local Blockbuster store and when you rent 28 Days Later on either DVD or video, you can rent another film absolutely free.
Blockbuster is the world's largest video rental company with more than 8,000 stores globally and 89,000 employees.
When the studios first negotiated revsharing deals with Blockbuster in 1997, they were able to structure the pacts as "output" deals, requiring the vidtailer to stock minimum quantities of every rental title a studio released.
Titanic made up in special effects what it lacked in star power; Anatomy of a Blockbuster lures readers with the promise of a stern critical thumping for the box-office favorite, like those high-school movies in which the rich, arrogant kid gets a well-deserved comeuppance.
We are committed to delivering the promise of the Blockbuster brand to video rental customers across the country.