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Because of the low-resolution and color-depth limitations due to startable-CD mode, the icons and toolbar buttons were blockish and lacked nuance.
In contrast, "freezing is the earthly blockish insensible condition of a soul which may indeed be melted by warm breath but must first be so melted before it can sway to it.
To give the pool that disappearing-stone look that he'd seen in quarries, Oliver took the large, blockish pieces of flagstone and stacked them underwater.
35) The Epistemological Empiricist argument invites us to acquiesce in a blockish holism, to declare that a theory is false because it is not entirely true, but we should refuse the invitation, insisting that the past successes stem from parts of the theories that are approximately correct.
But I who see thy shining Glory fall Before mine Eyes, stand Blockish, Dull, and Dumb?
Harrison rehearses the same paradigm: "the people inhabiting in the north parts are white of colour, blockish, vnciuill, fierce and warlike .
Co-ops are an old, rural concept - far too blockish to fit in the sleek 1990s.