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They also had a higher risk of blood clots, which disappeared when they took iron supplements.
A TEAM from University Hospital in Coventry which developed a system to prevent potentially fatal blood clots has been nominated for an award.
About 70 per cent of such cases don't show any symptoms and the patient can suddenly die of the blood clot.
Instead, a minimally invasive technique which involves the use of a neuroendoscope to remove the blood clot under local anaesthesia was used.
Two separate studies in the British Medical Journal last month found that some oral contraceptives were linked with a higher risk of blood clot than others.
However, the fact that more patients are being treated on an outpatient basis complicates matters: Thinners for outpatients aren't generally recommended because monitoring patients outside the hospital setting can be difficult, and the symptoms of a blood clot may be confused with the symptoms that accompany the cancer itself.
DNA extraction from the fragmented blood clot mass obtained from the shearing of the clot followed the standard procedures typically used for DNA extraction from whole blood.
All the study participants had had recent blood clots.
A blood clot in a deep vein, usually in the leg, is known as a deep vein thrombosis.
Finally, although anyone can develop blood clots, certain people are at greater risk, including pregnant women and people who are overweight or obese.
ImaRx Therapeutics, Inc., Tucson, Ariz., has initiated clinical trials to investigate the use of the company's SonoLysis(TM) Technology for the treatment of blood clots in kidney dialysis patients whose access grafts have become blocked.
He said the best way to stop blood clots would be for airlines to stop cramming people into planes.