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The findings offer new targets for the development of drugs to regulate blood clotting, he added.
More than two million patients in the United States take warfarin to prevent blood clotting after cardiovascular events such as heart attack and stroke, for prophylaxis of clot formation in the setting of major surgery and for the treatment of other clotting disorders.
This potential effect on blood clotting "is a theoretical concern, not yet seen," says Fitzgerald.
Drugs based on the Chrysalin peptide can be used to mimic part of the thrombin response without stimulating the events associated with blood clotting and therefore have the potential to accelerate the natural cascade of healing events.
The ThromboProfile is a powerful predictor of thrombotic events because it measures platelet reactivity and the tendency for blood clotting in addition to assessing traditional factors such as cholesterol, inflammation markers and LDL particle size," continued Yang.
bioMerieux receives a $ 1 million license fee for access to its markers for blood clotting disorders
Traditional thinking holds that the endothelial lining helps prevent blood clotting by acting as a nonstick surface.