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All the Blood Coagulation Analyzers in the report have been studied from 5 viewpoints.
Though the phone detects this movement as simple touch, the Qloudlab app translates those signals into a blood coagulation reading.
A snapshot of the global therapeutic scenario for Blood coagulation.
Blood and Lymphatic System - Hemophilia or Blood Coagulation Disorders Drug Pipeline Report" contains detailed information on the current drug pipeline.
2: Initiation and Amplification of Blood Coagulation 18 Figure 2.
A genetic marker for a blood coagulation factor located near the color blindness and anemia markers occurred mainly among family members with the psychiatric diagnoses.
a medical device manufacturer, to enable the volume ramp of their INRatio(TM) blood coagulation system.
We believe that recent developments in our business and industry may provide new opportunities to grow our business and increase market share for INRatio[R], our blood coagulation monitoring system," said Jim Merselis, President and CEO of HemoSense.
Introduced for use in hospitals, physicians' offices and clinics, ProTime was the first diagnostic product cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration for home blood coagulation monitoring for patients who take Coumadin or other anticoagulants.
We intend to use this working capital to continue to expand operations and develop the market for our INRatio[R] blood coagulation monitoring system.
ITC), a subsidiary of Thoratec Corporation , said today that it has signed an agreement with Sulzer Carbomedics (Carbomedics), a subsidiary of Centerpulse and a leader in manufacturing and marketing mechanical heart valves, to co-market ITC's ProTime(R) blood coagulation testing system to cardiothoracic surgeons in the United States.