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The Pall Leukotrap(R) Affinity Prion Reduction Filter system is the only Council of Europe (CE) marked technology shown to remove prions from red blood cells, the most commonly transfused blood component.
ISBT 128 sets a global standard for blood component labeling and enables blood products to be managed and shared around the world.
The Intercept Platelet System is paving the way in our comprehensive approach to the inactivation of pathogens in all three transfusion blood components.
Additional problems with ABC Codabar have been recognized in donation identification numbers and blood component codes.
The relationship between the American Red Cross and CaridianBCT is reflective of our combined passion to meet the ever-increasing patient needs for safe, critical blood components," said American Red Cross Biomedical Services Executive Vice President J.
Human plasma, which accounts for about 10 per cent of blood component sales, has a more rapid growth rate than other products.
These systems address important medical markets: surgical blood salvage, blood component collection, plasma collection, and blood component safety.
Gambro BCT is the market leader in separation and handling of blood components.
5 million blood component units a year to hospitals in England and north Wales and last year received 3,500 organ and 4,000 tissue donations and banked 2,200 cord blood units from across the UK.
Regulatory Compliance, Quality, and Cost Reduction Key Factors for Blood Component Technology Company
Pall Corporation (NYSE: PLL) announced the CE marking of its eBDS System to detect bacterial contamination of red blood cells, the most widely transfused blood component.
on the INTERCEPT Blood System, designed to target and inactivate blood-borne pathogens, such as HIV and hepatitis B and C, as well as harmful white blood cells, while leaving intact the therapeutic properties of donated blood components.