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For example, a blood component labeled with the number AB12345 might be interpreted as 656612345.
Bag of blood component transfer special features: primary carrier tube with plastic bayonet or cannula with a pointed nose and safety cap, transfer of blood component,bag transfer of blood component / capacity; 150ml; anticoagulant: no; simple type reactive; no
16 recommending that only areas with active Zika virus transmission screen donated whole blood and blood components for Zika virus, use pathogen-reduction devices, or halt blood collection and obtain whole blood and blood components from areas of the U.
The badges will be officially awarded every year on World Blood Donor Day, 14 June, to the citizens of Uzbekistan who donated their blood at least forty times and blood components - sixty times.
History: The company was founded in 1978 to supply hospitals with blood and blood components such as platelets and red cells.
To prevent the patient's body from rejecting the donated marrow, blood components are tested to determine compatibility.
Plasma pheresis separates the plasma from other blood components and is retained while the other blood components are returned to the donor through the same needle.
Contract notice: supply of apheresis kits for blood plasma collection and free loan of 9 pcs of blood components separators 3.