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Kuno's image of the blood corpuscles also reinforces the idea that the Machine people experience the world only through the Machine: that they lack "direct experience.
His red blood count, white blood corpuscles and platelets took a huge dive.
The total white blood corpuscles showed a slight decrease in patients with SLE disease and statistical significant increase in patients with RA disease (P< 0.
The point of the sting turns red because tiny blood vessels expand, through which swarms of white blood corpuscles flow.
Once encased in Neopor," says Storopack, "red blood corpuscles can be maintained at 2[degrees] C to 8[degrees] C for over 24 hours at an ambient temperature of 25[degrees] C.
to revise its product information description to include side effects such as the risk of developing serious skin problems and pancytopenia, or a decrease in red and white blood corpuscles as well as plasma, the officials said.
13] He named urea, bilin, and carbonic acid among the substances formed by the vital energy of the blood corpuscles nourished by oxygen, albumin, and fat, but he thought that the most important product of the blood was animal heat, released during the combination of oxygen with the carbon of globulin (104).