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Blood disease is another type of wilting disease that affects the banana plantations in Indonesia since 1921 (Supriadi, 2005; Remenant et al., 2011).
He is just one of over 1,000 children who suffer from thalassemia, a very dangerous genetic blood diseases, according to doctors.
"Today, the vision of Karaiskakion Foundation, as developed after 12 years of service to the public, is the creation of a modern centre for blood diseases that will offer comprehensive and specialised lab support to patients with blood diseases.
ROCK star Damien Dempsey wants to raise awareness of the deadly blood disease Hepatitis C - so others do not have to suffer the same fate as some of his friends.
Died: Metalworking journalist Frederick Mason, 59, in Chimayo, New Mexico, after a long battle with a blood disease. After working in manufacturing shops in Southern California, Mason joined the editorial staff of American Machinist in his native New York City in 1984, where he worked with the editor of this newsletter.
But no, this time it's the straight brother (Bruno Todeschini) who's dying of a mysterious blood disease and the gay one (Eric Caravaca) who offers him support.
They say the two countries will conduct joint seismic research, co-operate against floods, forest fires and landslides, and undertake research into thalassaemia, a chronic blood disease that is common in both countries.
Many of these implants leaked, causing a variety of problems ranging from misshapen breasts to blood disease. Surgeons and manufacturers were sued and the claims naturally passed on to their insurers.
[Alvin] Ailey, who died in New York City on December 1, 1989, of a rare blood disease, was famed for his work as a pioneering choreographer and artistic director....
Thousands of Irish people have to inject themselves daily with insulin to combat the blood disease.
The news came just days after prison authorities reported two cases of deadly meningitis, a blood disease that affects the brain and spinal cord.
Aaron has sickle cell anaemia, a life-threatening blood disease. So, the Foundation sent him from his home in San Francisco to Montana (both in the U.S.A.) to learn how to become a real cowboy.