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BLOOD, kindred. This word, in the law sense, is used to signify relationship, stock, or family; as, of the blood of the ancestor. 1 Roper on Leg. 103; 1 Supp. to Ves. jr. 365. In a more extended sense, it means kindred generally. Bac. Max. Reg. 18.
     2. Brothers and sisters are said to be of the whole blood, (q. v.) if they have the same father and mother of the half blood, (q. v.) if they have only one parent in common. 5 Whart. Rep. 477.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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An adequate supply can only be assured through regular donations by voluntary, unpaid blood donors.
Three hundred ninety blood donors were prospectively recruited in the study from October 10, 2015, up to November 10, 2015, and convenient sampling techniques were used to recruit blood donors who were eligible to donation, consented, interviewed, and gave blood for serum screening of transfusion-transmissible infections.
Blood can only come from volunteer blood donors, yet only 3 out of 100 people in the U.S.
The centre received around 65,000 blood donors from 150 nationalities through 734 blood donation campaigns in 2018.
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For his part, Mr Obusitswe Jaele a blood donor since 1996 challenged those eligible to donate blood without fear.
World Blood Donor Day will be celebrated around the world on 14 June.
Prevalence of Transfusion Transmitted Infection in Replacement and Voluntary Blood Donor. RADS Journal of Biological Research and Applied Sciences, 2013; 4 (2): 56-63.
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This is why every potential blood donor at TMC must undergo a risk assessment tool that asks a set of questions he must answer honestly.
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