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But now when someone shows me a find, I can say 'That's not a fossil, this pliosaur, that's a fossil"' Fossil hunter Kevan Sheehan after discovering the remains of a gigantic sea monster "It makes your blood freeze" Jacqueline Charlton, neighbour of Paul and Rachel Chandler, who are feared kidnapped by pirates "You can either achieve perfection or end up splat on your face" Champion gymnast Beth Tweddle on the perils of her passion "Bruce Willis is probably the most intimidating actor I've ever worked with.
Drops of poisonous dragon's blood spattered on his hand and the poisonous breath of the dying dragon made Winkelried's blood freeze.
Ten feet from the door, Patch yelped, and Bryan felt his blood freeze. He grasped the bag tightly and ran for his bike.