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Determination of ABO blood grouping from dentine and pulp.
Genomic analysis of clinical samples with serologic ABO blood grouping discrepancies: identification of 15 novel A and B subgroup alleles.
Blood grouping test was performed on the spot using rapid slide technique.
Ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid (EDTA) sample was collected for blood grouping and malaria screening while clotted sample for screening of HBsAg, Anti-HCV, HIV and syphilis.
The retrospective study of 63 patients with carcinoma stomach and their association of blood grouping with it showed that most cancers have occurred in patients with Blood group A and the least association is in patients with Blood group O.
Quantity: code 21.20.2 DKPP Pharmaceuticals, others (reagents for blood grouping code DKPP - 21.20.23-20.00 (monolonalni diagnostic reagents to determine blood group ABO system, Rhesus, kell antibodies and immune) "or the equivalent - 425 fl
Although almost 400 blood grouping antigens have been reported, the ABO and Rh are recognized as the major (clinically significant) blood group antigens.
Two teeth showed negative results, wherein one tooth showed mistyping of blood grouping. Blood grouping from dentin was not correlating with control group.
The study of blood grouping is important as it plays an important role in genetics, blood transfusion and forensic pathology.
A total of 285 1st year MBBS students of two consecutive batches were screened for the blood grouping after obtaining informed written consent.
The antigen antibody agglutination slide test for blood grouping (ABO)" and RhD factors was done by using IgM and IgG monoclonal reagents.