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ABO blood grouping is the first and foremost investigation in blood transfusion services.
Blood grouping [ABO and Rh (D)] were performed by cell and serum type on tube method.
Blood grouping test was performed on the spot using rapid slide technique.
The blood grouping was performed by absorption elution test using dentin and dental pulp, which was later, compared with control sample in blind study.
The retrospective study of 63 patients with carcinoma stomach and their association of blood grouping with it showed that most cancers have occurred in patients with Blood group A and the least association is in patients with Blood group O.
A total of 429 females, were screened for blood grouping during a study on pregnancy induced hypertensive women after taking informed consent.
ABO and Rh (D) blood grouping were carried out by tube method using commercially prepared antisera.
The study of blood grouping is important as it plays an important role in genetics, blood transfusion and forensic pathology.
Contract award: equipment transfuzjologicznej the department of immunology analyzers for testing immunohematologicznych with necessary accessories and reagents for research in the field of blood grouping.
ABO and Rh blood grouping procedure: Preparation of 3% red cells suspension: Two ml of blood collected in an EDTA anti-coagulated tube was centrifuged at low speed (1500 rpm) for 3 minutes.