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for Blood Grouping Analyzers by Geographic Region - US,
Nasdaq:BIPL) Tuesday announced that the company's BCA Division has received FDA clearance to market a monoclonal antibody-based Anti-D blood grouping reagent.
Our expertise as manufacturers of monoclonal blood grouping antibodies will assist in the further penetration of the biopharmaceutical industry with media components such as EX-CYTE(R).
Contract Awarded for Transfusion Centre 1 Year in Need of Abo-D Cde Blood Group Determination Kit 55,000 Test, Cross-Match Detection Kit 6000 Test, Indirect Coombs Detection Kit 2500 Test and Direct Coombs Detection Kit 700 Test Blood Grouping System Kits, Equipment Provision.
The products covered under the agreement are a wide range of reagents and test kits used in blood grouping, detection of Rh antigens, cross matching of blood and for the detection of rare antigens in patient or donor blood.
Contract notice: Supply of reagents for research immunochemical along with the lease of the camera and the refrigerator cabinet, reagents pentra 60 c +, reagents for blood grouping together with the lease of the air conditioner, reagents for blood group serology method of manual reagents along with the lease of the camera to urinalysis, materials, disposable the closed system blood sampling, testing reagents with hemoglobin lease camera.
1 The contract is for the supply of the analyzer immunohematologicznego along with necessary materials and consumables for determination in the field of blood grouping microplate method for a period of 48 months for the Regional Blood Center in Bialystok.