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Andrew Menary, QC, prosecuting, questioned pharmaceutical worker Keogh over how blood matching Mr Monteith's was later found on his watch.
The court heard that blood matching the dead man's DNA was found in a screw recess on Private Samuel May's rifle.
They found blood matching Peter's DNA at the spot where he went missing on 14 July.
Simpson was unable to explain Monday why blood matching his was found at the scene where his ex-wife and her friend were knifed to death, and labeled as fake a photograph apparently depicting him wearing Bruno Magli shoes he previously swore he never owned.
For these particular patients, precise identification of genetic variants early on will facilitate blood matching in subsequent transfusions.
Giving evidence at Cardiff Crown Court, forensic scientist Caroline Eames confirmed that blood matching the victim's DNA profile was found on the defendants' clothing.
Bernice Campbell, prosecuting, told the court the pair were caught when blood matching Gregory Hawkshaw's DNA was recovered from the scene of one of the burglaries.
In UAE and India, the online campaign is helping us to coordinate efforts to organise blood matching camps in the coming days.
Blood matching her DNA was found near the wood-burning fireplace and on the tatty, white leather three-piece suite in the same room, the court has heard.