blood money

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In all seventeen men, of whom 16 belonged to Punjab and one from Haryana, were released after the payment of blood money.
Answering a query on the payment of blood money, Menon said "I considered this as a true humanitarian act as it involved saving four lives.
We sold our house in Syria and we borrowed money from people and with the support of Dubai Police we were able to pay the blood money and to get a pardon from the blood parents," she said.
But the Aussie lawyer for Lucille and Deborah said he had received no instructions for the release of the blood money.
A court in Hael set the total blood money to be paid to the victim's heirs at SR300,000, obliging the Pakistani national to pay SR225,000 in accordance with the degree of his responsibility.
Gopi Kumar, the boss of the firm that employed the labourers, Bravo Technical Construction, said insurance would cover the blood money.
Lanuza was pardoned after the Philippine government, private donors and nongovernmental organizations raised SR 700,000 for the blood money.
The court ordered the defendant to pay the child's family Dh100,000 in blood money, in addition to Dh21,000 in temporary compensation for the moral and material damages the parents suffered by losing their daughter.
On recieving the blood money, Zafar Iqbal is said to have told the Sharjah court that he was waiving the death penalty on the imprisoned Indian expatriates aside as part of an out-of-court settlement.
The offers of blood money were made then for the first time.
Under Saudi law, the family of a victim can accept blood money in exchange for waiving the death penalty.
The defendant is also required to pay Dh10,000 to his wife's family in blood money for the child.