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RELATIVE. One connected with another by blood or affinity; a relation, a kinsman or kinswoman. In an adjective sense, having relation or connexion with some other person or thing; as relative rights, relative powers.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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'The fact remains that there is no way Amina Zakari will not allocate votes to her blood relation, President Buhari, whom Nigerians have indicated clearly that they are not ready to return to office as President.
This blood relation later leads Gonen to help the poverty-stricken Mosab when he is in danger of expulsion from the United States.
Among women having a blood relation with their husbands, those who were married to their first cousins from their father's side reported highest proportion of ever having been subjected to all marital control behaviours studied.
The boy has no blood relation with the victims because he was adopted by the mother of the two sisters.
"So far he has been desperate to protect Tommy from Fran and, of course, he is a blood relation of Siobhan.
I have just discovered that a blood relation has died without leaving a will.
Blood relation test center and weight loss clinic (5 and 4)
What blood relation was Prince Albert to Queen Victoria?
Most Arab countries link nationality to blood relation from the father's side, disenfranchising women who face various forms of gender discrimination across the region.
Jamie becomes desperately ill and is near death by the time they reach New York City, but more kindness comes to the rescue, and Homer learns that family is not just about blood relation.
Everyone who enters these homes is Auntie, Uncle, or Cousin, bound together by a past and present that make a first-degree blood relation entirely beside the point.
"Be kind to the Egyptians, for they are related to us by blood and marriage." The blood relation is through Ishmael, and the marriage is through Maria.