blood relation

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Sharon is Den's adopted daughter but he treats her as a blood relation so in his eyes Dennis and Sharon getting it on is incest and that leaves him absolutely furious.
Perhaps the most familiar name is that of the successful Bernardino Campi, a contemporary and native of Cremona, who however was neither a blood relation nor connected to the art of the Brothers Campi.
According to the initial reports, no blood relation could be ascertained between the two deceased; Dr.
She said one of the sureties should be gainfully employed, while the other surety should be a blood relation of the accused.
The Filipina is even a blood relation of his and has been his girlfriend for two years, while the Malaysian is an akyat barko or prostitute who boards his ship when it is docked there.
However, the investigation revealed that the woman had no blood relation with the baby and she hired him to practice begging.
The blood relation is through Ishmael, and the marriage is through Maria.
Not to mention the love of a mother which, even if she's not a blood relation, is still the greatest gift Madonna will be giving the little girl.
Other essays delineate the importance of grandmother connections, even when grandmother isn't a blood relation.
I'd had enough experience of trying to teach them things in the past to know that they don't naturally listen to anyone who's a blood relation.
But city trading standards officers say some students claim a flatmate is a partner or a blood relation to dodge the rules.