blood relations

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Among women having a blood relation with their husbands, those who were married to their first cousins from their father's side reported highest proportion of ever having been subjected to all marital control behaviours studied.
The fourth and final chapter of Blood Relations is the book's tour de force, a revelatory discussion of Shylock as the fantasized rein edy for Antonio's "sadness": his desires, guilts, and shames.
Blood Relations, directed by Dixie Atkins, offers audiences the chance to make up their own minds.
Jessica's body encapsulates conversion, race, and miscegenation, the vessel of hybridity that permeates national boundaries and threatens the hegemony of blood relations.
METHOD: We have picked up two patients (case1 and case2) with approval from local ethics committee and informed consent from their blood relations.
And talking about pacts and blood relations, what about the bond between father and son?
Without one, all their property and assets will automatically pass to their closest blood relations - which may not be what they want.
Blood Relations and Other Plays (New edition with an introduction by Anne Nothof and the original introduction by Diane Bessai).
I know I have blood relations in Newcastle, but how many I don't know.
Referring to the fact that Miss Maguire had been allowed to visit, he said: ``Only someone legally married or actual blood relations can actually visit anyone on remand.
The paper on kinship employs a loose use of the term kinship, including blood relations and relations resulting from marriage.