blood relations

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Unraveling the social-cultural mechanism by which the Israeli soldier automatically becomes the victim, even when s/he has committed an injustice, is the indisputable contribution of Israeli documentary cinema to triggering cinematic and public nonconsensual discourse, laying the groundwork for what I term "blood relations" films, (2) that is, films leading to an inter-ethnic reconciliation that not only subverts ethnic binarism but radically calls for fluidity in self-other subject positions.
Among women having had a blood relation with their husbands, those who were married to their first cousins from their father's side reported highest proportion of ever having been subjected to all physical or emotional abuse behaviours studied; only exception being two physical abuse behaviours i.e.
We have created a space for people to become vir- tual blood relations - bloodrela- - and more physical donations are planned this year.
But, as the first pages of Blood Relations: Christian and Jew in The Merchant of Venice make clear, the seeds of a monograph devoted to Merchant were planted in the earliest stages of Adelman's career, when a senior colleague told her, upon her arrival at Berkeley, that Jews should not be allowed to teach Shakespeare.
In Blood Relations, Janet Adelman confronts her resistance to The Merchant of Venice as both a critic and a Jew.
Blood Relations, directed by Dixie Atkins, offers audiences the chance to make up their own minds.
Jessica's body encapsulates conversion, race, and miscegenation, the vessel of hybridity that permeates national boundaries and threatens the hegemony of blood relations. As Adelman points out, the image of the nation with vulnerable borders "maps uncannily onto the central icon of Christianity in 4.1" (97).
And talking about pacts and blood relations, what about the bond between father and son?
Without one, all their property and assets will automatically pass to their closest blood relations - which may not be what they want.
Blood Relations and Other Plays (New edition with an introduction by Anne Nothof and the original introduction by Diane Bessai).
The paper on kinship employs a loose use of the term kinship, including blood relations and relations resulting from marriage.
BLOOD RELATIONS: Paul Crosby, left, Mark Hutchinson and Lyn Paul