blood tie

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References in classic literature ?
No, you are right," he said, "it is not as though there was a blood tie.
A WELL, there's no blood tie to stop you having a relationship, and I presume you are both single?
Whatever the actual chance of a blood tie between the blue and green halves of Glasgow, the idea gave fans of both clubs a good laugh.
But the ace up Jim's sleeve was without a doubt his blood tie to Scotland.
The father-and-son blood tie is being ignored in America's endless replay of the Cold War.
OK, she's not his birth mother and there's no blood tie between them.
Already your special bond transcends any blood tie.
Don Touhig, under secretary of state at the Ministry of Defence, said new information showed it was wrong to impose the blood tie rule.
The relationship between brothers and sisters is a unique one, unlike any other blood tie.
This blood tie doesn't in itself make a good parent, nor result in some automatic link.
Sounds sensible until you realise that this will also include step-grannies or friends, anyone without a blood tie to a child they care for over two hours or more and who accepts money for their services.