blood ties

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No, you are right," he said, "it is not as though there was a blood tie.
Within the framework of the meeting, a round table was held on the topic "Strengthening blood ties among adolescents in conflict with the law", where children's ombudsmen, staff and teachers of the colony school, members of juvenile commissions, psychologists, teachers shared experiences of educating adolescents in criminal Wednesday.
President Duterte said that henceforth, he would kick out of office corrupt officials despite friendship or blood ties.
Illness, accident, emigration, divorce, natural and man-made disasters have all have worked together to make a family unit based solely on blood ties rather impractical.
Others are simply relatives of influential people, whose singular qualification is marital or blood ties.
The vocal harmonies and instrumental flourishes ring with clarity and warmth as deep musical blood ties get celebrated and illuminated by sparkling personal touches.
A footage depicting a lady senior superintendent of police (SSP) Arsala saluting Maryam went viral, raising concerns of people on the matter as why the premier's daughter receiving warm salutation merely on basis of blood ties as she does not hold any public office.
Blood Ties Thursday 9pm Film4 Despite the Starsky & Hutch stylings, this is no knockabout crime caper.
BLOOD TIES (Film4, Thursday, 9pm) FEUDING siblings try to bury the hatchet - hopefully not in each other - in this 1970s-set crime thriller.
Khartoum, June 5 (SUNA) - Sudan and South Sudan have agreed on establishment of strong relations between them on ground that the two countries are linked to each other with a joint history, blood ties.
He uncovers a crucial facet of YuanAEs life history: he was unaware of his real blood ties until he was 34; before he became Yan Yuan he was actually a young man named Zhu Bangliang.