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Each one evolved to protect us against lethal diseases specific to a time and place, which is why different ethnic groups have a different ratio of blood types.
Figure 9 shows the consumption of blood type "o+" and the amount "50".
What we do is figure out your blood type if you don't already know it, and from there we match you up to the list of foods that your body would have an easier time processing, it's that simple.
People with AB blood had a higher average level of factor VIII than people with other blood types.
Tom Vierhile, Innovation Insights Director for Datamonitor Consumer, said: "There may be little or no scientific basis for creating foods that are compatible with a person's blood type, but the concept may resonate as there is some belief that blood types themselves may have been influenced by one's evolutionary background and exposure to certain food types.
While receiving blood of the same blood type is best, in an emergency Type O blood can be transfused to people of any blood type.
Today, one can find on the Red Cross website a statistical breakdown of blood types by ethnicity; for instance, Hispanics have higher instances of the O type while Asians display higher cases of the B type.
Depending on blood type, people are more or less susceptible to particular pathogens.
People from groups A, B and AB are more at risk than those with the more common blood type O, research shows.
The research, which analyzed data on 90,000 male and female participants in large national health studies over a period of 20 to 26 years, found a 26 percent higher risk of stroke in all participants with blood type AB compared to those with blood type O.
Another user @FaisalAbuthnain tweeted on Sunday: "Patient Hussain Mohammad who suffered from a brain hemorrhage and is sedated at Al Jabreyah hospital is in dire need of B+ blood type, please help.
This final rule set forth hospital CoP's for the approval and re-approval of transplant at the section involving blood type and other vital data verification.