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3]), consistent with impaired blood-CSF barrier function as expected for this group, which included patients with infectious etiologies of intrathecal inflammation.
3], and mild to moderate impairment of the blood-CSF barrier with albumin ratios ranging from 7.
Flow rate of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)-a concept common to normal blood-CSF barrier function and to dysfunction in neurological diseases.
However, because of the immaturity of the blood-CSF barrier in fetuses and neonates, it is well known that CSF protein concentrations in newborn infants, and especially premature newborns, are higher than in children and adults (3).
The NIMH is interested in mechanistic studies of trafficking of cells, immune molecules and drugs across the blood-brain and blood-csf barriers during development and adulthood and how these processes impact the pathogenesis of neuroAIDS and mental disorders; see http://www.