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As long as the regional heavyweights and external powers continue to play on opposite sides and put their own interests and goals first, this conflict will only get deeper and bloodier.
Even Murphy openly admitted this season "is a little bloodier and grislier I think than anything that we've done before; it's straight horror this year.
The attack on a building, associated with the Italian consulate, left eight injured and one dead in its wake, and marks the beginning of a far bloodier phase in an insurgency gaining momentum by the day in Egypt.
Chapter VI, "Violencia, 1970-1989, Censorship Disappears as Depictions of Revolutionary Mexico Get Even Bloodier," includes discussion of the Sergio Leone/Clint Eastwood films with him as The Man With No Name.
Nightcrawlers canvas the streets hoping to catch an accident, the bloodier the better.
The "opponents" of the videos are right when they say that the scenes in them are not for those with a bad stomach but they must remember that the reality is far bloodier than the one on film, Segavic concludes.
The death toll on both sides of the Gaza fighting continued to mount over the weekend, with 18 Israeli soldiers and hundreds of Palestinians killed since IDF ground forces entered the Gaza Strip late Thursday night, ushering in a new and far bloodier phase of the fighting.
War between Great Britain and the US did not transpire; instead the Americans were drawn into an even bloodier civil war.
Beijing must do what it takes to shut down Chinese demand for ivory, or the battle over supply will only get bloodier.
Research suggests that foreign intervention makes conflicts last longer: "A significant amount of research, including my own, demonstrates that military interventions from outside states lengthen and make bloodier civil wars," writes Patrick Regan, political scientist and peace advocate.
At the present rate, it will prove a bloodier conflict than the Iraq conflict in which at least 174,000 are thought to have perished.
He further reviewed the human rights situation in the West Bank, including Jerusalem, considering that the Israeli policies there constitute a new more brutal and bloodier apartheid, and ethnic cleansing against Palestinians in Jerusalem.