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Steve Thomas explores the Aleutians, from the Coast Guard station at Fort Tidball, near Kodiak Island, all the way out to Attu, just 700 miles from Japan and Siberia, where artifacts from the three-week battle, one of the bloodiest in all of World War II, litter the landscape.
The Battle of Imjin in April 1951 was one of the bloodiest land battles to involve British troops since World War II.
MOURNERS: Thousands packed the streets of Omagh on the 10th anniversary of the Northern Ireland conflict's bloodiest massacre
Tanks and helicopter gunships pounded the region in the bloodiest fighting since Hamas militants took over in June.
Helmand has been the front line in the battle between the Taliban and international forces in recent months and has seen some of the bloodiest fighting in the past two years.
The 1914-18 war saw some of the bloodiest battles in living memory, the men were cannon fodder with millions of allied and German troops killed on the Western Front.
THIS movie is based on the true story of people caught up in one of the bloodiest chapters in African history.
Though almost as crazy violent as ``Old Boy,'' ``Sin City'' and ``Ong- Bak: The Thai Warrior,'' Stephen Chow's wackazoid paean to the martial-arts movies of his Hong Kong youth is so tricked-out goofy that even its bloodiest excesses evoke more smiles than shocks.
A MERSEYSIDE Arnhem veteran in his 80s is training for a parachute jump to mark one of the bloodiest battles of World War II.
The past week was by far the bloodiest since fighting erupted in September 2000, with 105 Palestinians and 36 Israelis killed.
Our recent century, the bloodiest in history, should have convinced all civilized people of the folly of armed conflict as a way to solve our problems.
Yesterday's bright sunshine contrasted with what was one of the bloodiest battles of the war when British and Polish paratroopers tried to take Arnhem Bridge over the Neder Rhine.