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More than 3 million men fought and one million men were wounded or killed, making it one of the bloodiest battles in human history.
Apart from organizing bloodletting activities, local government units, barangays, public and private agencies/organizations and Red Cross Youth councils can now join the Search for the Bloodiest Club, Michele Bermudez, in-charge for Blood Service, said.
Hosted by the Lord Lieutenant of West Yorkshire, and attended by families from across Yorkshire of those who lost their lives in what became the largest and bloodiest battle of the war, the commemoration will also be attended by military representatives of all the Yorkshire regiments who took part in the battle, in addition to other dignitaries, mayors and the Lord Lieutenants of all four counties of Yorkshire.
Michigan at Antietam: The Wolverine State's Sacrifice on America's Bloodiest Day
Award-winning journalist and historian Dan Jones presents Britain's Bloodiest Dynasty: The Plantagenets, a documentary focusing upon the rulers who brutally crushed all opposition to rule England from 1154 to 1485.
Summary: More than 76,000 people were killed in Syria's brutal conflict in 2014, making it the bloodiest year since the country's war erupted in March 2011, an activist group said Thursday.
Synopsis: The Battle of Antietam was not just the bloodiest single day of the war; it was the bloodiest day in the history of the United States Army.
After more than two years of fighting side-by-side and leading one of the bloodiest conflicts in the recent history of Middle-East, al-Qaeda affiliated groups have been making increasing moves against each other in the last few months.
A Britain-based NGO made the revelation, saying that the death toll rose after January, which was one of the bloodiest months on record.
Bangkok, Rabi'I 16, 1435, Jan 17, 2014, SPA -- Dozens of people were wounded in Thailand's capital Friday when an explosion hit anti-government demonstrators marching through Bangkok in some of the bloodiest violence reported this year.
A string of bombings on Thursday left at least 93 people dead and over 150 wounded in one of the bloodiest days of violence that Balochistan has seen for years.
BAGHDAD, Sept 30 (KUNA) -- Up to 12 policemen were killed and eight others were injured in a car bomb explosion in Wasit province, southwest of the Iraqi capital, early on Sunday, in one of the bloodiest bombings ever witnessed in the governorate.