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BEIRUT: As the Syrian war grinds bloodily along in its fourth year the armed opposition has been coming under fire -- verbally -- over its military tactics, as it struggles to find ways to confront regime forces without generating negative political repercussions.
Instead of a shootout, this film's climax is a bloodily cruel choreography of swordsmanship.
At the war's end, Powell called it "a clean win." One result of the cleanliness was increased hatred for United States foreign policy by Middle East militants, a vehemence that has bloodily persisted until this day.
There was the Rose Revolution in Georgia in 2003, the Tulip Revolution in Kyrgyzstan in 2005, and, more recently, the Jasmine Revolution, which, after a month of protests in Tunisia that were bloodily repressed, eventually brought about the downfall of Ben Ali and inspired the revolt of the Arab world in its wake.
"For 19 months, the Syrian people have been expressing their rejection of the regime of Bashar Al-Assad who has been bloodily repressing protests that were peaceful originally," Foreign Ministry spokesman Philippe Lalliot said in a briefing.
An influx of Iranian arms for the Syrian regime and weapons from Arab states for the rebels is creating conditions for a fight that could drag on longand bloodily into the future.
Syria's Muslim Brotherhood is part of the opposition to Assad, whose father, the late President Hafez Al Assad, bloodily crushed an armed uprising in the 1980s.
The soothsayers are now all straining at the omens to predict whether or not they will pay their sovereign debt on or about March 20 or bloodily default with a mess as bad as Caesar's toga.
The story leads from a New York family falling apart to Paris and a time-link between a modern mixed-up and guilt ridden girl, Andi, and a maid to royalty at the time of the bloodily merciless uprising.
Huge crowds that gathered in Tahrir Square last week and clashed bloodily with police and troops largely disappeared when the polls opened.
Propeller's Richard III follows the gripping journey of a man who bloodily murders his way to the throne.
A group of stooped and crooning old ladies were revealed to have axes in their handbags and a taste for human flesh, another saw a fight become, thanks to magical sound effects and excellent mime, bloodily gruesome.