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But while the spaghetti Western maestro's influence is unmistakable in "Exiled's" long-wait takes, cigar-chomping gunslingers and Mexican standoff compositions, To quickly incorporates all that into his own urban, kinetic and bloodily beautiful view of the underworld.
Isis regard their territory as the "caliphate" they have carved so bloodily out of swathes of Iraq and Syria.
Unfortunately again or perhaps fortunate for him, Mengistu Haile Mariam's socialist regime got overthrown over there and the SPLM/A split bloodily where Gai Nyok had to run back to Southern Sudan and after in 1992 to Kakuma, a refugee camp in northern Kenya, as one of the nearly 20,000 Lost Boys of the Sudan known also as SPLM/A child soldiers (the Red Army).
We often forget that the 1979 Iranian revolution was staged by leftists, students, nationalists, communists and others - but it was Khomeini's Islamists who succeeded in bloodily repressing all opponents.
The 12oz Dexter sirloin chop that I ate was a hearty, flavoursome chunk of beef - the outside charred, the inside bloodily rare.
Any uprisings on the part of the Kurds were crushed, bloodily if necessary.
What you expect to happen happens: John takes revenge, bloodily and methodically.
O'Mara and Bryan have no idea their client's paths will not only merge but crash bloodily into each other on the night of baseball's All-Star Game in San Francisco.
After the medieval Bulgarian empire was conquered by the Ottoman Turks in 1396 AD, Bulgaria was formally restored as a nation-state on March 3, 1878, as a result of the Russian-Turkish War of 1877-78 brought about by the bloodily crushed April Uprising of 1876.
Even those in the region not so bloodily embroiled are undergoing an intense radicalisation of their populaces, which in time is sure to blow up in conflagrations of frightening proportions.
Twenty thousand British soldiers were killed in a merciless and unceasing hail of bullets and shells on the day which went bloodily into history as the day when an army put itself up for mass extermination.
Then he's running, a pen protruding bloodily from his shoulder blade, from an overturned police van, staggering on to a road where he's promptly hit by a truck.