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Summary: As the Syrian uprising increases in length and bloodiness, the Lebanese-Syrian border has become a center of attention on both sides of the geographical divide.
The theme of Tamburlaine is the achievements and bloodiness of his acts written on the title page of the play: 'Tamburlaine the great, who, from a Scythian shepherd, by his rare and wonderful conquests became the most puissant and mighty monarch, and for his tyranny and terror in war was termed the scourge of God'.
He sent a cable of condolences to President Hadi over the victims of the terrorist act which has an unprecedented level of bloodiness.
CIVILIANS continue to overlook the fact that warfare's bloodiness can make highly trained men temporarily mad.
Unlike Brodsky and Heaney, Hill conceives of language--the language of poetry no exception--as distinctly postlapsarian, as a system inseparable from the bloodiness of history, a system always susceptible to political injustices and "the radically flawed nature of humanity and of its endeavours" (Hill 481).
Furthermore, the racist undertone of the effect of seeing this comparative bloodiness recalls the race-oriented readings of Hawthorne's story.
The script Coy Moll and Anne-Louise Trividic) strips out one massive subplot from Lewis' novel, and oddly, the protag's moral freefall has been realized with far less dramatic excess and general bloodiness than it had 200 years earlier.
Many of us have not experienced the utter failure of a state, the arbitrary cruelties and the clinical bloodiness that follow.
By that, I don't mean I am repulsed by its bloodiness - I'm hardly the squeamish type.
The bloodiness and destruction of war seem to have had little dampening effect on politicians through the ages (perhaps just the opposite); thus, we have no reason to think that we would encounter many more instances of physical action against opponents than we have up to the present.
However, Azevedo Coutinho's more detailed accounts are in the same periodical and, while he also regales his readers with anecdotes and gossipy remarks, he does not disguise the bloodiness of battles.