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Other characters are shot with arrows, mostly bloodlessly.
Unfortunately, Wallace's turgid indic about an orphan's progress in small-town Texas is too bloodlessly tame to ever attempt the swoony crescendos of passion that are the hallmarks of "All That Heaven Allows," "Written on the Wind" and other Sirk favorites.
The Egyptian Revolution of 2011 resolved itself relatively quickly, but not exactly bloodlessly.
As a consequence, Hammarskjold championed a policy of ending the Katanga secession bloodlessly.
Neither of them would give up the presidency easily or bloodlessly if elected.
He compared Abraham Lincoln to today's crop of go-for-the-jugular bloggers, pointing out that the much-loved president wrote vitriolic attacks on his political opponents, often under a false name, and once fought - bloodlessly, as it turned out - in a duel.
similar to that enacted bloodlessly in the literary metaphor.
Obama had hoped to meet Saturday with Walesa, the leader of the Solidarity movement which pushed Warsaw s communist regime from power bloodlessly in 1989 and was president from 1990 to 1995.
But his search of the dollar isn't one that isn't going to come bloodlessly, as well as plenty of other peril along the way.
Ronald Reagan railed against the "evil empire" of the USSR, but responded to Mikhail Gorbachev's perestroika opening and remarkably, the Iron Curtain was torn down bloodlessly.
If violence does occur during a blockade or the enforcement of sanctions, it generally takes place far out at sea or at a roadblock: the civilians, the real targets, die quietly and bloodlessly.