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For Christ could not rightly have granted any other victory for the benefit of His own soldier (pro milite suo) than one in which the enemy were beaten bloodlessly and no man had to die.
Ending those imports would bloodlessly squeeze the Iranian economy, embarrassing the government and strengthening government protests.
In New York, public art is normally shown in a park, plaza, or bloodlessly hanging on a corporate wall, each possibility hewing to conventions of how such art meets its public.
Although Serbs managed to depose Milosevic bloodlessly in October 2000, they have yet to come to terms with the damage wrought on Serbia during his years in power.
In the following lunette, the beheaded Argus lies gracefully and bloodlessly at Juno's feet as she reaches up to place his eyes into the tail of her peacock (fig.
The final act does finally tap into a haunting romantic melancholy, but for the most this story of heat and passion is just bloodlessly dull.
Following Prime Minister Sharif's attempt to fire him, Musharraf seized power, bloodlessly, and promised to bring democracy to Pakistan.
The book explains thoroughly, though somewhat bloodlessly, why Shanker was an important figure both as a labor leader and as a leader in education policy.
After the wall came down, the rest of Soviet eastern Europe and the Soviet Union itself dissolved bloodlessly into a cluster of independent states seeking economic development and willing to try Western measures to achieve it.
Urologists performing the PVP procedure apply focused high power light energy at the 532 nm wavelength through a small, flexible sterile fiber optic delivery device to safely, efficiently and virtually bloodlessly vaporize and immediately remove thin layers of the unwanted prostatic tissue to restore the patient's urinary channel through the prostate.
When it became clear that the Vatican could not defend itself from the Italian armies, Rome was bloodlessly conquered and enshrined as the capital of the new nation.
While possible, one wonders whether the evil of slavery could have been ended bloodlessly and in a way that preserved the union of states.