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They share a certain bloodlessness. They reflect little of the conflict of the last two tumultuous years.
Martin, echoing both Whitman and Burroughs apparently unawares, expresses gratitude for Whitman's "carnality, after the frigidity and bloodlessness" of Emerson.
From another angle, the same word might indicate conventionality, bloodlessness, or calculated orthodoxy.
This consciousness of their own apparent bloodlessness comes out in poets such as Shelley as both agonized admission and badge of honor, and contributed to the later push-back against men of action by Baudelaire and the decadents.
In view of its considered bloodlessness, the brain was therefore unimportant in this process.
But Zrinka Stahuljak's study aims to show that there is another view of lineage, one whose 'very condition of possibility is bloodlessness' (pp.
(35) The challenge, then, is repealing the National Organ Transplant Act and crafting procurement alternatives that balance the need to avoid "bloodlessness" and the courage to move beyond an arranged marriage to altruism.