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The bloodline represented by dogs like RRespect, UUkita and OOlaf is expected to produce generations of dogs to come for the breeding program, Hilliard said.
Besides handling the pressure of surviving without connections, newcomers with no bloodline also have to compete with the glamour that star kids naturally inherit.
Red Squirrel bloodlines have been studied on Anglesey
The authors also propose that the Priory de Sion has protected the bloodline and the bones of Mary Magdalene down through the centuries.
The correlational analysis performed in this study only tells the investigator that, as INR values from the venipuncture sample increased, INR values from the CVC line and bloodline port increased as well; that is, there was a positive relationship between the INR values in the blood samples drawn from the bloodline port and CVC line compared with the venipuncture blood samples.
BLOODLINE BY LYNDA LA PLANTE (Simon & Schuster, pounds 18.
The Hampden chief executive confirmed the four home nations are sticking - for now - to their gentleman's agreement to cap only players with a bloodline to their country.
She wants 11 of his reindeer bulls to boost the bloodline of her 150-strong herd, to avoid its genetic base weakening.
Given the concerns about our protocol and the lack of clear standards for INR sample procurement, the purpose of this research study was to explore the accuracy of INR values drawn from a heparinized CVC line and the arterial bloodline sample port compared to a venipuncture sample.
Jones of University College in London adds, in the same issue of NATURE, that ancient records suggest the Egyptian royal family practiced incest in order to preserve the bloodline of a deity.