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Regimental Secretary of The Royal Welsh Lieutenant Colonel Chris Kilmister said: "Lance Corporal Gwillam Jenkins will be missed by members of the Regiment but his bloodline will continue and the next generation of mascots will maintain his legacy and our tradition.
But just like there are some service members more prone to heroics than others, there's something that sets the breeding dog apart from its peers--the bloodline.
AHERD of 50 Limousin bloodlines will be for sale at the Borderway Centre in Carlisle on Friday, March 28, in a unique chance for breeders to buy bulls and heifers from the Dutch-run Cowporation.
Far from breeders and potential owners bemoaning an inability to afford the stud fees of Galileo, Sea The Stars and Frankel, this situation will give an opportunity for sires and bloodlines of their female offspring to become the Habitat, Val De Loir and Sir Ivor of the next generation, as when Northern Dancer first narrowed the stallion bloodlines all those years ago.
IT'S always difficult for outsiders to make a mark in any industry, more so in Bollywood where bloodline towers over all.
The discovery of the Welsh bloodline (from Pentraeth) in Newborough is wonderful and reinforces the national importance of that site as a red squirrel stronghold.
Bloodlines has similarities with the documentary, Inheritance, shown on PBS in late 2008.
The idea of a divine bloodline in our world is fuel for many a story.
By tradition of the Aga Khan bloodline, he's thus a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad.
The story line is familiar, so success is assured as the writer, former vice president of Sun Microsystems, mines the personal history of her family's bloodline to create her sophomore effort, Red River.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's office seems unconcerned about the recent release of his comments regarding a Latina legislator's hot-blooded bloodline.
Deftly exploring the modern sciences and the recent discoveries made through ground breaking DNA research which provides confirmation of Siberian and Polynesian genetic heritage with respect the bloodline of Native Americans, which is a great counterpoint to the 175 years of teaching from the Latter-day Saint Mormon church which argued the decent of Native American peoples from seafaring Israelites.