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In studio flicks, independent and foreign-language films and small-screen series, there are more bloodsuckers out there today than you can shake a wooden stake at.
But in these post-Twilight days, cinema's bloodsuckers have emerged as misunderstood and (usually) sexually attractive heroes.
But in these post-Twilight days, cinema's bloodsuckers are complex, misunderstood and (usually) sexually attractive heroes.
The case could be the first in which investigators have used DNA extracted from a bloodsucker to solve a crime.
Stephen played evil bloodsucker Deacon Frost in the 1998 movie which starred Wesley Snipes, right, in the title role.
But Miss Gellar, who started her acting career at the age of four after being spotted by an agent while eating in a restaurant, reacted modestly to her new-found status as the world's tastiest bloodsucker.
She has achieved quite the transformation from playing a porcelain doll-haired bloodsucker in Interview with the Vampire to one of Hollywood's kookiest style queens and in a world where few A-list actresses take risks on the red carpet she plays by her own rules.
The 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star - who plays bloodsucker Barnabas Collins in Tim Burton's new movie 'Dark Shadows' - also opened up about no one believing his denial.
An ancient bloodsucker plans to find and release his imprisoned brother, the first ever werewolf, but Selene knows the creature will destroy everything in its path and must fight to destroy both of them.
THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON (12) is the much-anticipated second film in the vampire series, starring sexy Robert Pattinson (pictured) as bloodsucker Edward Cullen.
1 hits in the 1980s with brother Matt, plays a bloodsucker called Nomak.