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When taking measures directed toward the reduction of the number of bloodsucking midges using the bacterial preparation "Bakticid," the organized surveys of the changing number of developing midges' larvae in the treated water reservoir were conducted.
From a Dracula birthday party with bloodsucking party crashers to a daughter introduced to her mother's secrets--these are fine and diverse tales perfect for vampire fans.
In a nutshell: It's based on the book by Richard Matheson and featuresWill Smith as Robert Neville who is possibly the only survivor left after a cancer vaccine kills the majority of the world and leaves the rest as bloodsucking zombies.
The city's School of Tropical Medicine will spend the money on inventing traps to catch the bloodsucking tsetse fly.
They used the bloodsucking worms to drain blood from patients with varying illnesses, including headaches.
Leeches--small, bloodsucking animals related to earthworms--are making a comeback in the medical world.
ALONG WITH THE CHRIST-KILLER image was the stereotype of the Jew as bloodsucking usurer.
Medicinal leeches are bloodsucking, aquatic animals that live in fresh water.
He travels to Transylvania where locals live in fear of the Count (Richard Roxburgh) and his three bloodsucking brides.
sakazakii from the gut of larvae of the bloodsucking insect Stomoxys calcitrans.
Led by Eddie Mikrut as the bloodsucking Count, the ballet simmered with a fabulous corps of ghouls who slithered and clawed on the stage as the toll of Dracula's victims mounted ever higher.