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Jesus Christ, then became a bloodsucking monk determined to destroy the priesthood by murder and seduction.
ALONG WITH THE CHRIST-KILLER image was the stereotype of the Jew as bloodsucking usurer.
Medicinal leeches are bloodsucking, aquatic animals that live in fresh water.
He travels to Transylvania where locals live in fear of the Count (Richard Roxburgh) and his three bloodsucking brides.
sakazakii from the gut of larvae of the bloodsucking insect Stomoxys calcitrans.
Led by Eddie Mikrut as the bloodsucking Count, the ballet simmered with a fabulous corps of ghouls who slithered and clawed on the stage as the toll of Dracula's victims mounted ever higher.
WHEN YOU'VE played a comic-book villain, a bloodsucking actor and other assorted lunatics, is it any wonder movie audiences will classify you as as sinner more often than saint?
The bloodsucking capitalists-as-mosquitoes may be just a joke, but when Natasha-the-fly complains about the heavy use of insecticides that threaten her, and Pelevin by extension seems to complain about Russian pollution, the book is in danger of seeming like agitprop.
The leech, a type of bloodsucking worm applied to the patient from ancient times through the late 19th century to "treat" local inflammations and then largely abandoned as a therapeutic tool, recently made a comeback in medicine, especially because anticoagulants it secretes aid the drainage of small blood vessels, preventing clots during delicate microsurgery.
cities reporting an increase in infestations of bed bugs, the nocturnal bloodsucking insects could inspire increased demand for related coverages.
Politics: Poli, a Latin word meaning many, and tics meaning bloodsucking creatures.
Next up is Neil Jordan's vampire drama Byzantium, where she plays a bloodsucking mother with Saoirse Ronan as her daughter.