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The Anabasis begins in 401 BC and it is the account of human deprivation, endurance, rage, envy, political ambition, bloodthirstiness and power hunger.
The bloody standoff in Yemen is analogous to what happened in Libya, with the difference being the level of tolerance exhibited by the Arab world and the West for Saleh's bloodthirstiness.
It had a grim comic vibe, satirizing the savagery of both corporate bloodthirstiness and justice-seeking rampages.
So the legend grew, the Echo fuelling it with a fine flourish of purple prose: "Two women discovered, fallen victim to the inhuman bloodthirstiness of a ruthless assassin.
1--The most inappropriate actions in both of these battles that happens in Shahnameh is bloodthirstiness.
In "Orcagna's Folly and Cellini's Pillow," his commentary on the bloodthirstiness of the famous sculptures overlooking Piazza della Signoria segues into the modern entropy of our human upper crust as it opposes the tough hoi polloi: "indeed, no woman (or man, for that matter) could pass / without the imminent threat of rape or some form of violence--/ celebrated in bronze and marble, // .
Contemptuous, on the one hand, toward the state bureaucrats who administer the criminal justice apparatus, on the other hand, they are not to be outdone for bloodthirstiness or calculated viciousness.
Dress up the kids and let their bloodthirstiness run free, if you dare.
Reading Montague's poems is as reassuring as hoping for an end to Ireland's eternal struggle, but in their bloodthirstiness and rage and often predatory sex they are as explosive as a string of firecrackers.
His anger and bloodthirstiness are expressed in his shrieking and shouting as he beholds the easy gait of the deer.
Henry is not only England's best-known king, but with his wives, his girth and his bloodthirstiness - he is also our most important single ruler," says Dr Starkey.