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Every new note from behind sounded to their frightened ears the coming of The Sheik and his bloodthirsty entourage.
As you have divined, sir, we are not mad; neither are we violent or bloodthirsty.
Firing as they ran, the bloodthirsty horde raced for the veranda.
At the same instant a female figure dashed into the midst of the bloodthirsty horde, and, with a bludgeon similar to their own, except that it was wrought from gold, beat back the advancing men.
I really think that dad feels more bloodthirsty when he talks about some of our politicians than he does about the Germans," she declared.
You wouldn't have thought mild little Gus could be so bloodthirsty, would you?
He scrambled up the bank with a speed that could not be exceeded by a bloodthirsty man.
Well, for my part, I, a bloodthirsty ruffian, who can go and stand close to a scaffold, in order to have a better view of the king's execution -- I remain.
This leaves his position a point of contention between the conservative old guard, represented by Scythe Curie, and the far more bloodthirsty members of the new guard, led by an all-too-familiar enemy.
The visit of a member of the European Parliament from Sweden, Lars Adaktusson, to the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, where the bloodthirsty ethnic cleansing against more than one million people, including the crime against humanity and the Khojaly genocide were committed by Armenia, on the eve of Holocaust means to support the aspirations of occupation, aggression and bloody ethnic cleansing, said Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry's Spokesman Hikmat Hajiyev.
Contract notice: Restoration Work In The Garden Of The Treatment Plant To The Bloodthirsty Ajacciolot # 4: Pergola And Wood Trim
6 The Hunt (BBC1) THIS brutal series about relentless and bloodthirsty predators that ruthlessly hunt down defenceless prey is being broadcast just as the Tories are planning savage cuts to the BBC.