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The roses on the leads hung blooming in at the open window; there stood the little children's chairs, and Kay and Gerda sat down on them, holding each other by the hand; they both had forgotten the cold empty splendor of the Snow Queen, as though it had been a dream.
The blooming of cherry blossoms is a renowned national event in Japan.
LOUGHBOROUGH is once again blooming proud after striking gold at the East Midlands in Bloom awards.
According to Tam, the plant typically takes 15 years to reach a mature blooming size, and there are now 45 in Huntington's collection. The plant is 16 years old and is the offspring of a 2002 blooming.
The blooming period varies widely based on the geographical location within the country.
'To mitigate blooming, we are working on models that predict algal blooms three to seven days in advance to desalination plants, refineries and aquaculture business and farms to ensure steps are taken in advance.

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