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Blot with the same mild soap-and-water solution recommended for removing gum.
Even if HKPs are properly validated for use under the relevant experimental conditions and optimized so they are present at levels within the linear dynamic range of quantitation, the process of using them--either by stripping and re-probing or via multiplex fluorescent blot detection--can be daunting.
7) Western blot was positive in 50% of samples identified as equivocal by ECLIA, which is also in agreement with the results of a previous study.
The secondary antibodies listed in Table 1 have been shown to be suitable for fluorescent western blot detection by the Molecular Imager VersaDoc MP (Bio-Rad) and Molecular Imager PharosFX (Bio-Rad) imaging systems.
Lightly wet the carpet with warm water and blot it dry again.
Yesterday the ECHO revealed how within hours of highlighting the NCP car park on Duke Street as a blot spot, local firm Demolition Dismantling Services had moved in.
APPLY another coat of lipstick, this will build up the colour and blot again.
A work called Blot Out the Sun, 2002 (currently on view at the Whitney Biennial in New York), shows straightforward video footage of gas-station attendants and bemused people in old-age homes reading passages from James Joyce's Ulysses.
Remove from oil and blot with paper towels; sprinkle with sea salt.
maker of one of only two kits approved for supplemental testing, announced in April that manufacturing of the Cambridge Biotech HIV-1 Western blot kits may end.
On April 17, 2002, Calypte Biomedical Corporation (Alameda, California) announced the company might stop manufacturing the Cambridge Biotech HIV-1 Western blot kit.
At that time, the HIV ELISA and Western Blot were positive.