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Each fabric swatch is printed to order featuring their dashing Omni Splatt and Thunder Blotch designs, which means each piece is unique.
An optimist, however, might see the blotch in compositional terms, observing that the red mirrors the chair cushion's red dots.
Around the peripheries of each blotch we see smaller blobs.
H1 includes the dark blotch at the nape and four blotches along the dorsal fin base; H2 begins immediately above the lateral line origin and continues on the dorsal margin of the caudal peduncle and caudal fin base; H3 starts immediately below the upper lateral line origin and includes the superior spot at the base of the caudal fin; H4 includes blotches immediately below H3, and ends with the lower spot at the base of the caudal fin.
The problem is hellebore leaf blotch, which is caused by a fungus.
The loss to Gammer (scored 59-56) is the only blotch on the 23-year-old's otherwise perfect record, and he will have learned plenty from the fight.
7 in head; caudal fin of male strongly lunate with produced lobes; pelvic fins relatively short, not reaching anal fin origin when depressed; diagnostic live colour pattern features of males include a pink overall coloration with broad, irregular yellow stripe or rectangular blotch on middle of side, and series of 4-5 large, irregular black blotches along back, extending on to adjacent basal portion of dorsal fin; female mainly reddish pink with pupil-sized black spot on upper caudal peduncle.
DEAR AFI: Recently, I've noticed a blotch of pale-brown pigmentation on my right cheek.
And my son's water-color of an oak in spring: One thick brown line, A blotch of green, His smile of success.
Large middorsal dark blotch from the occiput extending posteriorly where it widens at the rump.
Its cover depicted Richard Nixon's 1968 triumph with the kind of color-coded map that has since become all too familiar to election night TV viewers: an uninterrupted blotch of Republican red stretching from Virginia to California.