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I saw the dark blotch move swiftly across the court, and a brilliant burst of vari-colored light moving with equal swiftness to meet it; and then shadow and flash came together and there was the sound of unseen blows.
All I could see was the blotch of shadow and the rainbow flashes, the dust rising from the invisible feet, the earth tearing up from beneath the straining foot-grips, and the wire screen bulge once or twice as their bodies hurled against it.
Then she drew forth a bundle of matches and lighted the candles; and last of all, a small red-framed shilling looking-glass, without blotches. It was into this small glass that she chose to look first after seating herself.
'When one is far off and alone, it would not be well to grow blotched and leprous of a sudden,' said Mahbub.
But as he crossed the room he was careful not to step in Huneefa's blotched, squat shadow on the boards.
On the window seat there stood a geranium diseased with yellow blotches, which had overspread all its leaves.
In front, upon a raised platform behind a rail, sat a stout, florid-faced personage, with a nose broken out in purple blotches.
The partners form a multidisciplinary team focusing on the economically important wheat leaf spot group (LSG) of necrotrophic pathogens: Parastagonospora nodorum (Pn, cause of Septoria nodorum blotch; SNB), Zymoseptoria tritici (Zt, Septoria tritici blotch; STB) and Pyrenophora tritici-repentis (Ptr, tan spot; TS).
He also called the cancellation a "great, great horrible mark" and a "great blotch" on the USA.
"Hardy" does not, however, mean problem-free, and peonies can have several common fungal problems that create leaf spots and blotches, among them botrytis blight and peony blotch.
Red blotch continues to be a threat with some growers having to replant or rogue out infected vines from properties they had already redeveloped because of the disease.
Wheat (Triticum spp.) is an important cereal crop, whose cultivation is often hampered by the foliar diseases, spot blotch caused by Bipolaris sorokiniana (Sacc.) Shoem.