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Breeding females with red pelvic and anal fins and dark blotches apparently forming continuous stripe along middle of side (Windisch 1992).
When these patches subsequently dry, they leave unsightly blotches on the plastic film.
The white spots on a fawn, or baby deer, look like blotches of sunlight shining through bushes.
And now we're starting to put blotches on the flowers, like pansies.
Then she came up with two red blotches on her back but they blanched when you pressed them.
He had a big nose with red blotches and dark brown greying hair.
Nine-month-old Aleesha Evans was rushed to hospital by her parents who feared the tot had the deadly brain bug when she came out in purple blotches.
walindi from Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, but differs with regards to male colour pattern, particularly the number, shape and position of large dark blotches along the back and adjacent dorsal fin.
This Open Eye: Swollen shut the right/eye seeps semi-clotted/blood that streams/and blotches a map of/hell across the three-/year-old face.
The only concealer you should apply before foundation is a yellow or green color corrector used to offset ruddy blotches.
QI'M 53 and have had red blotches over my face for the past two years.
Q:I SUFFER from recurrent red streaks and blotches that are very itchy at times, especially when I come out of the shower.