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Symptoms may include becoming floppy and unresponsive, or stiff with jerky movements, becoming irritable and not wanting to be touched, unusual crying or moaning, vomiting and refusing food, pale and blotchy skin, a staring expression, and being very sleepy and reluctant to wake up.
And having suffered an allergy to a product my skin was looking suitably blotchy and ready for the test
But as many experienced woodworkers know, finishing cherry requires special attention, because it is susceptible to a blotchy or mottled finish if not treated properly.
In rarer moments Young is overtly playful; in the dark blue square at the bottom of U ntitled, c-204, 2002, a flower gone to seed is rendered in almost childlike fashion, while another leafy bloom floats nearby atop a blotchy rust background.
According to the company, this additive is suitable for ink manufacturers seeking to improve inks that appear mottled, blotchy or have an uneven laydown.
Hives usually show up as blotchy red patches of slightly raised skin.
We wanted to use limited animation as we had in the original Peep and, you see, the background became blotchy when it was semi-animated.
The burn is generally blotchy, with large patches of untouched areas within the general burn area.
The researchers found the vortex by observing the motion of solar granules, light-colored patches that give the sun a blotchy appearance.
But if you really want younger-looking skin, get rid of the appearance of telltale age spots, blotchy discolorations and visible imperfections, there's nothing more exciting than the hottest new category of science-based cosmeceutical Facial Brighteners .
She has long dark wavy hair with blotchy skin and wide eyes.
If the person experiences swelling of the face and neck, puffy eyes, red blotchy skin, or wheezing and gasping, they may be having an allergic reaction so get them to A&E as soon as you can.