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I always use factor 50 on my face and I always pack ItchEze spray to use on my chest too, as it can get blotchy and irritated sometimes," she said.
As the condition worsens, it may lead to drowsiness, confusion and seizures or fits, intolerance of bright lights, a stiff neck, a rapid breathing rate and a blotchy red rash that does not fade or change colour when you place a glass against it.
Eve Lom Rescue Mask from SpaceNK on Grainger Street is pounds 25 for a 50ml tube and promises to reduce blotchy skin and minimise irritated and erupted conditions.
And the articulation of the details of the architecture and landscape, the amazing variety of handling he applies to landscape--from tapestry-like botanical studies that would do William Morris proud; to fine, classically rendered trees; and even to occasional essays into blotchy impressionism.
Instead, being half Irish and my legs not used to seeing much sun, my pasty white pins were transformed into blotchy orange ones.
This pear-shaped, blotchy melon with tangerine-colored flesh was developed in the 1900s by Oliver Crane in a process lost to history.
Though the pots are precast, walls and floors are made of in-situ concrete, using black and white aggregates at random (as supplies turned up on site), to achieve a curiously blotchy marled effect, that might on initial viewing be mistaken for slightly slipshod workmanship.
Having struggled with acne from the minute I hit puberty until my late teens, I can attest to the increase in self-consciousness (and at times, anger, sadness and depression) that comes with red, blotchy skin.
The next day, the patient returned to the hospital after the onset of vomiting and a nonpuritic, blotchy, macular rash on bet arms and abdomen.
The ex-Spice Girl has decided to have the 6in etching removed from her back because it looks dull and blotchy. She has been going to a health centre in Los Angeles to have it taken off.
What is this white blotchy stuff on my chocolate bar?
Parents with children attending the centre have been sent letters alerting them to the symptoms of the disease, which include a fever, cold hands and feet, vomiting, blotchy skin and lethargy.